Welcome to Sinthanai

Sinthanai is the operational name for Sinthanai Foundation. Sinthanai Foundation is registered as a small charity with HM Revenue & Customs in the United Kingdom. Unlike most of the charitable foundations we directly involve ourselves in serving the beneficiaries at the ground level. Our prime object (Read More...) is to work towards the expansion of the children's mind and bridge the disparity in the knowledge among the children who are living in different parts of the world. To achieve this aim we provide specialist knowledge to those children who are under privileged and living in the remote parts of the world. And this vision is to be implemented beyond the restrictions of racial, religious and sexual discriminations.

Sinthanai Foundation is licensed by BBC Active to use its materials to educate the children. With this fortunate opportunity we are confident of bringing an intellectually wealthy society who will contribute to a better future of the mankind.

The lists of trustees are available on request.

Ongoing Projects