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October & November 2014
Date: 17/10/2014 - 30/11/2014

October 2014

During the months of October & November 2014 Sinthanai Foundation conducted seminars in the following places.

18th & 19th – Udapusallava – Youth Group

20th – Barathi Tamil Maha Vidiyalayam – Gonagella

21st – Norwood Tamil  Vidiyalayam – Norwood

23rd – Boghawana / Clearney Tamil Vidyalayam

24th – Lakkham Tamil Maha Vidiyalayam

25th – Stockholm Youth Group

27th & 28th – Kandapola – Youth and Adults

30th - Barathi Tamil Maha Vidiyalayam – Gonagella

November 2014

10th Bloomfield Tamil Maha Vidiyalayam

11th Mocha Tamil Vidiyalayam

12th Nallathanni Tamil Maha Vidiyalayam

16th Maskeliya Youth

22nd Gokulam

29th Ruwanwella

30th Bulathgovitta

Most of the above locations were in surrounding regions of Nuwaraeliya & Hatton, the heart of upcountry apart from the last three.  The aim of these seminars were to raise an awareness as to the subjects of modern science and the general philosophy of life. BBC videos on modern science relating to the creation of the universe, evolution of life on earth were the materials used during the seminars along with philosophical messages from the Vedantha.  Compared the seminars we have completed in the past this time our targeted audience were youths and adults apart from school children. Due to this development more emphasis was given to Vedantha Philosophy. These seminars were conductedunder the heading of “Spirituality & Science”.

All these seminars were well attended and well  received by the participants who represented various age group from the living community of that region.

These programmes were arranged and facilitated by Sandanam Institute of Pre & Primary Education and Ambagamuwa Youth. Sinthanai Foundation would like to take this opportunity to eternally thank them for their support to successfully conduct this programme. The World Vison and Everest Group of Kandapola were the co- organisers and we thank them for their support during this seminars.

The photos taken during the seminars are posted here. 

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